The City of Cranston

Providence Water Line Flushing

October 26th, 2012

Please be advised Providence Water will be flushing the water mains in the vicinity of Narragansett Blvd starting on Thursday night, October 25th starting at approximately 9:00 PM and extending to approximately 3:00 AM on Friday, the 25th. The exact streets are as detailed below and a map is attached for reference. Residents should expect to see significant rusty colored water if used during that timeframe and possibly during the later morning hours on Friday. This will normally clear up after a few minutes of opening the faucets in a home and letting the water flush through the system.

The proposed streets to be flushed are as follows:

Narragansett Boulevard (Bluff Avenue To Winsor Road)
Glen Avenue (Narragansett Boulevard To Broad Street)
Massasoit Avenue (Narragansett Boulevard To Broad Street)
Sefton Drive (Narragansett Boulevard To Broad Street)
Strathmore Road (Narragansett Boulevard To Broad Street)
Chiswick Road (Narragansett Boulevard To Broad Street)
Winsor Road (Narragansett Boulevard To Selkirk Road)
Selkirk Road (Windsor Road To Stratford Road)

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