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Various Licenses

The following is a list of various licenses issued to businesses in the city. The Committee on Safety Services and Licenses grants these licenses for which there is a fee.

Liquor Licenses: Class A (Liquor Store); Class B (Tavern); Class E (Druggist); Class F-1 (19 hour); Class F (19 hour Class B [victualling]); Class J (Convention Hall); Class B (Limited); Class C (Saloon); Class D (Full Privilege Club); and Class D (Limited Club).

There is also a fee for the transfer of an Alcoholic Beverage License.

Other licenses include Victualling House and Sunday and Holiday Sales.

Miscellaneous licenses include all of the following: amusement machines and devices; billiard and pool tables; bingo; bowling alleys; carnivals; circuses; dances; dance hall; employment agencies; game room; gravel banks; indoor skating rink; flower vendor; itinerant food vendors; junk; antiques; motion pictures; pawnbroker; pistols, revolvers and firearms; private detective; dog and cat shows; tag day; trailer camps; used cars; peddlers; and abandonment of highway or portion of.

* A license for Junk Gatherers is approved by the Police Chief and issued by the City Clerk.

* Licenses issued by the Police Dept. include taxicabs and other vehicles for hire.

* A drain layer license is granted by the Plumbing Inspector and issued by the City Clerk.

* Application is made in the Fire Department for licenses granted by the Safety Services Committee. The Fire Prevention Bureau grants blasting permits.

* Application is made in the Department of Public Works for licenses granted by the Safety Services Committee for cesspools, etc..

* Licenses are required for the storage of hazardous substances.

Call 461-1000 and ask for x 3236 with questions on Licensing.

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